River Des Peres Cleanup – 10/18/2014

We participated in the annual River Des Peres cleanup. I think it has a cooler name, but Danelle isn’t here to ask. We got there early to help setup. Corvin was creative with the sign.


Once the event got going and people showed up, we ended splitting up into three groups. Danelle stayed around the main camp and took photos, Sonora went with some people we knew, Corvin and I went to a remote site with a boat to help clean up.

Corvin and I ended up driving my van down/on Grant’s Trail to get to the put in. From there, we drug the boat a ways down to the creek. Corvin and I shuttled people across the creek so they could clean up on both sides while the other canoe focused on water based clean up.

IMG_20141018_111942 IMG_20141018_111954 IMG_20141018_112007

When the cleaning up was complete, we met back where we started for lunch. We had to rush lunch a bit as Corvin had a soccer game, but it all worked out!

Hogan Haake