Tracey’s Birthday Bash – 6/3/2017

We got the invite to Tracey Semelsberger’s birthday bash. They’re great friends and we didn’t want to miss it! As a bonus, she and her husband Jack are fantastic musicians. Many of their musical friends showed up and had a jam session! And as an extra bonus, I recorded a small portion of the music! … Continue reading “Tracey’s Birthday Bash – 6/3/2017”

River Des Peres Trash Bash – 10/24/2015

This year for the annual River Des Peres Trash Bash, I decided to be a site leader. As a entry level leader, I took a smaller easier role, but made a difference. I was responsible for an area and lead a group of college volunteers from Iowa around to get the trash picked.  One of … Continue reading “River Des Peres Trash Bash – 10/24/2015”

The People’s at Stone Spiral – 2/7/2015

We were able to make it out for a concert with the People’s at Stone Spiral coffee house in Maplewood. The venue was great for hearing their music.Danelle invited her friend Steve to join us and he was quite fond of the music ad well. I’m a fan of smaller concerts and this was a … Continue reading “The People’s at Stone Spiral – 2/7/2015”