Southwest Summer Adventure – 6/6/2019

Corvin and Danelle got up super early and got sunrise photos at Angel Point. I slept in till 7 when I also woke up Sonora. Corvin and I did our unicycle ride for Arizona on the road. I had some issues with the hills as we started mostly straight up hill. The elevation was around … Continue reading “Southwest Summer Adventure – 6/6/2019”

Southwest Summer Adventure – 6/5/2019

Slow start today. We got up and went grocery shopping. Then we headed straight for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Okay, we made a pit stop at Horseshoe Bend. Its a total tourist trap. Sweet views, but too many people. It might have been more impressive if we hadn’t seen Goosenecks the day … Continue reading “Southwest Summer Adventure – 6/5/2019”