River Des Peres Cleanup – 10/18/2014

We participated in the annual River Des Peres cleanup. I think it has a cooler name, but Danelle isn’t here to ask. We got there early to help setup. Corvin was creative with the sign. Once the event got going and people showed up, we ended splitting up into three groups. Danelle stayed around the … Continue reading “River Des Peres Cleanup – 10/18/2014”

Meramec Highlands Quarry Park – 7/29/2014

I discovered Meramec Highlands Quarry Park by accident. I was looking through my Facebook page and noticed my neighbor had taken his kids to a park in town. I inquired with him further to understand. He explained where the park was and gave me some tips for getting around the park. The map (thanks Google … Continue reading “Meramec Highlands Quarry Park – 7/29/2014”