Painting – 12/8/2013

Danelle is part of a painting group that meets most weeks. The group occasionally gives out homework and today Danelle is working on hers. On to of that, her mom wanted a few painting photos, so I went overboard as always! Not one to be out of the limelight, I decided to do some “art”… Continue reading Painting – 12/8/2013

November – 2012

This is a month full of Art. Danelle is in a painting group and she’s starting to really get her art together. Album

New York – 10/13/2013

I had planned a surprise trip with Danelle to Boston, MA earlier this year. Some personal things came up and we canceled the trip. Of course the airline didn’t provide any refunds, so we had airfare we were not using. I figured we would never end up using the airfare. However, it worked out that… Continue reading New York – 10/13/2013

Pickles – 7.17

Danelle works hard each year planting and managing our home garden. One of the more successful plants this year were cucumbers. They grew on a trellis made from Hogan’s bamboo. The harvest was so plentiful, that she was having trouble figuring out what to do with all of the cucumbers. After a bit of thought,… Continue reading Pickles – 7.17