Brian and Kelly’s First Anniversary – 4/27/12

I have to say that being married to Danelle is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Her companionship and knowledge has enriched my life. Because of this, I’m extremely excited to be part of Brian and Kelly’s first anniversary. The plan was to go out to eat at a local pizza … Continue reading “Brian and Kelly’s First Anniversary – 4/27/12”

Brian and Kelly’s Wedding – 4/30/2011

The wedding day came for Brian and Kelly (April 30, 2011). Danelle and Sonora were both in the wedding part. Danelle as a bride’s maid and Sonora as the flower girl. The day was quite sunny and perfect for a wedding. I was busy entertaining kids before the big event. The wedding Mass was held … Continue reading “Brian and Kelly’s Wedding – 4/30/2011”

4.29 – Brian and Kelly Rehersal

My brother in law, Brian got married earlier this year. Because we’re close family and Danelle and Sonora are in the wedding, we got to participate in the rehearsal. After the church portion, we went out to dinner. I think there may have been something strange in the water. Look at the girl’s faces… The … Continue reading “4.29 – Brian and Kelly Rehersal”