Strawberry Syrup – 6/6/2021

We love home made strawberry jelly. We’ve made it before, but its been a few years. We recently went to a strawberry patch to pick them, but we were too late in the season. We purchased what strawberries they had left and brought them home. Then we invited Danelle’s parents over to help us make the jam.

While Henry, Carol, Corvin, and Danelle prepare the strawberries, I worked on boiling the jars we would be using.

Preparing the strawberries means just cutting off the stems and the very bad parts.

Once prepared, the strawberries are run through a food processor to mush them all up. From there pour them in a big pot, add sugar and stir for about a half hour. And maybe some lemon juice.

When you get tired, find somebody else to stir, it does get hot!

And while you have some free time, put your phone in selfie mode and surprise people with photos reaching your arm around them 🙂

Finally with a steady hand, pour the jam (we always skip the pectin and end up with syrup instead of jam) into jars.

It was the first time in about a year that Henry and Carol came over to the house thanks to COVID and it was wonderful to spend time with them. Now to go eat some strawberry syrup/jam!

Hogan Haake