Strawberry Syrup – 6/6/2021

We love home made strawberry jelly. We’ve made it before, but its been a few years. We recently went to a strawberry patch to pick them, but we were too late in the season. We purchased what strawberries they had left and brought them home. Then we invited Danelle’s parents over to help us make … Continue reading “Strawberry Syrup – 6/6/2021”

Sonora Spotlight Singer Concert – 10/22/2015

Sonora had a Spotlight singer concert tonight. We were lucky enough to have some grandparents in attendance. Even more fortunate that we sat on the correct side to see Sonora performing right next to our seats! After the lovely concert was over, we went over to the Brown’s house so the kids could hang out … Continue reading “Sonora Spotlight Singer Concert – 10/22/2015”

Avery Spotlight Singers at Cardinals Game – 5/6/2015

Corvin got to sing at the St. Louis Cardinals game for the 7th inning stretch. This was his last time since he won’t be Avery after this year. We couldn’t get in focus photos, but he had a great time. Sonora and Andrew hung out a bunch. And we brought Danelle’s dad Henry with us! … Continue reading “Avery Spotlight Singers at Cardinals Game – 5/6/2015”