Sprained Wrist – 3/22/2013

I’ve always said that a break is better than a sprain. So its no surprise to me that I have a sprain this time. Maybe I should back up.

On February 8th, the family went to a roller skating party. We all had a great time. Near the end, Danelle and I were skating together. After a long night building confidence, I decided to get a bit crazy. Danelle is an okay skater as long as she is going forward. So I decided to twirl myself around her. We were moving and I started to spin my way around her. I almost made it all the way around back to my backwards skating position when I started when my skate clipped hers. I took a large fall. When I got up, my wrist hurt very bad and I decided to call it a night. I even had Danelle drive home which I never do!

I hate going to doctors, but after painting the kids rooms, my wrist not only started hurting worse, but it swelled up too!

So I spent the next 6 weeks in a brace while it healed.

Hogan Haake