Southwest Summer Adventure – 6/8/2019

This morning started out with Corvin and I uni-cycling the Las Vegas strip to get our Nevada complete. Once we completed it, we came back to the room to clean up. Corvin even completed some of his paperwork for his class.

The first family thing to do today was visit the Hoover Damn. I’ve driven across it before, but never been inside for a tour. I was quite excited to see it along with the rest of the family. We got there early to make sure we could get in on the extended tour. The tour was fantastic, we only wish that it was longer.

Giant pulley system to get equipment to the bottom of the damn.

Waiting to get in.

Looking in at the power generators.

In a maintenance tunnel.

Looking downstream.

At the top of the damn.

I was a little concerned about door dings on my van when we got back to the parking lot. We saw a questionable car parked next to us. Lucky for them, I didn’t see any dings!

We picked up up lunch on the way back and started walking to our next destination. The streets look clear, but they are dangerous.

Right before our eyes was one of the world’s most evil supervillains, Dr. Evil.

Its quite interesting how many characters are around the Vegas streets. They all want money for you to get a photo with them. But we avoided his evil plans and made it to the “High Roller” Ferris Wheel. Its a 550 foot high ride, at the time, the highest in the world. The views of the  strip are cool and Groupon made it affordable 🙂

The kids were warming up to Vegas at this point. We had done some interesting things for them. Sonora is a huge fan of Fountains of Bellagio, so we took a few videos for her.

We still had one more thing up our sleeves for the night. We were going to Tournament Of Kings at Excalibur.

I saw this show around 1995 on a family vacation and remember liking it them. It was just as good as i remembered. Sonora loved all of the horses and the show was entertaining.

After the show, we walked back to the hotel on a high, enjoying the entertainment of the day. It was a mixed blessing that it was our last full day in Vegas. I loved the energy and people watching, but we also spent a small fortune for a single day! Time for bed.

Hogan Haake