Southwest Summer Adventure – 6/9/2019

This day started out with an early walk for Corvin and I along the Vegas strip. It was interesting to see it on a Sunday morning. It was very empty and we even saw maintenance being done.

Not sure what they are doing, its the Billagio Fountains they are working on.

We took a long leisurely drive from Vegas to Green River, UT. The goal was to get very near to Arches National Park to make visiting the following day easier. Okay, and Danelle and Sonora wanted to watch another St. Louis Blues game. While they watched the game, Corvin and I went out to Ratio – A Pile of Big Blocks. We tried to drive there and nearly got the van stuck. Eventually, we parked and walked a ways to get there.

We picked up pizza on the way back to the hotel to see the Blues loose the game. We called it an early night as we had exploring to do the next day!

Hogan Haake