Southwest Summer Adventure – 6/13/2019

Today was probably the most disappointing day of the trip. We drove to Pikes Peak to go up the mountain. We found out when we got there, it was under construction. We were able to drive about 2/3 the way to the top, then had to park and get into vans to be shuttled to the top. These are the vans optimized to fit tons of passengers, but where no normal sized American can fit…

At the top, the construction took something natural and rugged and made it what I expect to be a fancy more expensive thing to “enhance” what was already a great experience. Its now truly “America’s Mountain” because it appears to be all about consumerism.

When we finished at the top, we had to get into what felt like animal pens to wait for a shuttle to go back down. Don’t waste your money or time. There is still Mount Evans near Denver that you can drive up.

On the way home, we stopped in Oakley, Kansas to visit Monument Rocks. This is a cool formation where Corvin and I did some more unicycling.

Then we drove to my parents house in KC.

Hogan Haake