Southwest Summer Adventure – 6/12/2019

We woke up from a night of camping and enjoyed the sounds of the campground.

We didn’t expect ducks, but they were fun to watch.

They had lots of stuff laying around that we saw on a morning walk.

With the campsite packed up, we headed on to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. We got there around 10 am and it was starting to get crowded. We walked through Medano Creek that separates the parking lot from the large dunes. It was flowing and surging, requiring shoes to come off if you didn’t want them soaked by the time you got to the other side.

We spent a few hours playing in the park. Corvin and I climbed up to the highest dune we found and then ran down. We dug in the sand, then had enough an headed out. On the way out, people were parked quite a ways away on the road, making us very glad we got there early!

We planned on more interesting stop for the day. I had read about Bishop Castle online and wanted to see it in person.

You’ll have to judge for yourself, but the place felt like a safety nightmare.  There as little in the way to protect a person from a long drop to their death in several places. Its one of the few places on the whole trip I have no desire to revisit in the future.

This walkway shook every step I took. I’m pretty sure if I rocked side to side it would have collapsed to my doom!

It was a good day together but it was time to find a hotel and rest!

Hogan Haake