Race To The Dome – 10/2/2021

Race To The Dome is an annual race on the Missouri river that benefits Missouri River Relief. The race has 2 start points depending on how long of a race you’re interested in. This year, Danelle and Sonora signed up for the 27 mile route. We started off the day in St. Louis leaving our house around 5 am to get to the race start on time. I drove while the girls rested. I tend to drive slower when a boat is on top of the car. It never fails going to a larger regional race to be passed by another racer or more driving down the same highway to get there. Eventually, as we get closer to the boat ramp, it becomes a procession of boats.

Eventually we get to the boat ramp and unload to get ready for the race. It was drizzling rain during the morning which made unloading and setting up less pleasant. Now the required safety meeting before boats get in the water.

Danelle and Sonora making plans!

I helped carry the boat down, then the ladies got in and things got real!

Now the worst part is waiting for the starting signal to go off.

With the race started, I quickly went back to the car and drove down to Cooper’s Landing. Its about 2 miles down the race course. I didn’t want to miss photos of the ladies. Only 2 ish miles into the race, Danelle looks confident in the back while Sonora looks like she is not sure what she got herself into.

And the view looking downstream from Cooper’s.

I stayed for many more photos and talked to a few people. I had some time, so I took a minor detour just north on the Katy trail to Boathenge.

There I was able to see several boats planted in the earth.

With this silly detour out of the way, I went to Hartsburg access to see the ladies paddle past me. This is the boat ramp for the short version of this race. When the girls came by my next stop, it was the same picture. Danelle happy and Sonora still not sure what she had gotten into. I had no doubt at this point that they would finish the race strong.

Somewhere after this ramp, the weather decided to clear up and make for a perfect day. As I waited at the finish line, I saw the girls and went down to see them finish. Here they are coming into the shore!

First place in their division and in my heart!!!

We hung out with our paddling family and had lunch and beer after the race. I’m looking forward to their 2022 racing together!

Hogan Haake