Porchfest – 10/3/2021

Porchfest is an annual event that brings neighborhoods and musicians together. About 2 months ago, Dave knocked on my door. I was skeptical at first, but he was kind and had an easy message. Let us use your porch to host 2 bands on a single day for the enjoyment of the whole neighborhood. Its hard to say to no to something like that. I agreed and we stayed in touch. When the day came, Dave came by and put a sign in my yard.

Back Page Agenda came around 11am and started setting up. They had a four piece band plus a sound guy that took up all the space.

They had a wonderful sound. At one point we had 50 people in the yard or at the street listening to them play!

After their set, there was a short intermission between bands. They quickly removed their equipment while Catching The Westbound, a husband and wife duo, got their equipment and set up.

Unfortunately the weather was overcast for the day which I believe kept some people from coming out to enjoy the event. We put out 2 tents to encourage people to stay and hear the bands.

We’re looking forward to going to the event next year and seeing bands in other neighborhoods. We were honored to be able to host 2 bands for this fantastic event. If you hear about porchfest, go out and enjoy free music!

Hogan Haake