KC With Lindsey – 4/30/2016

My niece Lindsey is about a year and a half old. We have never seen her. Since she lives in Wichita Kansas, we don’t often get to KC at the same time. In fact, I even tried to end my motorcycle trip early to see her and failed.  So we got in town and the only thing we did was play with her and hold her as much as possible! Of course she didn’t warm up to us right away, but the hugs were worth the wait!

IMG_20160430_164219 IMG_20160430_164226

Ok, while we were there, I also made two trips to the airport. Henry went there to pick my mom up from a trip and his car slipped a belt while he was there. I went to pick him up, but didn’t have the right tools. So we took mom back home and went out later with the right tools to fix it.

Hogan Haake