Danelle and Friends in the Lab – 10/17/2019

Danelle has been spending a lot of time in the lab sorting “bugs” from her samples.  Luckily, she has been getting help from some students who are looking to get some lab experience. Karen and Maria have been her reliable helpers this year.  This time, Danelle even got me in on the act as we tried to use AI (artificial intelligence) to speed up the process.  We were taking pictures of the animals she has collected so we can let the computer count how many are in each sample.  It didn’t end up working, but it was worth a shot to try to cut down on counting time!

Karen looking at her sample jar and getting ready to look at the contents under the microscope. Danelle is doing the same behind her.
Maria helped me as we tried to get photographs of the sorted bugs.
A sample photo of the scuds from jar 220. That’s a lot of bugs!!
Danelle putting a bug in a vial.

Hogan Haake