Chicken and Waffle Day – 7/19/2018

Our Chicken and Waffle tradition continues at work. We’ve done it a few times in the past. Generally it makes the whole office smell like deep fried food, but its worth it. I’ll just show a few photos of what happened.

Brad caught with food in his mouth.

I never listen to signs! On a side note, the air fryer is amazing. It was 90% of the taste of the deep fried chicken!

Prepping the fryer.

Kristen getting ready for the perfect marketing photo.

Jesse never wastes any time getting a plate of food.

Mmmmm, gravy.


Noooooo, you have to deep fry it first!

Who can resist a deep fryed Twinkie?

There is that perfect marketing shot!

Perfect plate of food!

Deep fried pickles are a thing…

Hogan Haake