Cub Scout Hike at Fort Bellefontaine – 6.18

I committed to lead the Cub Scouts on a hike during the summer. When I was thinking of places to take the scouts, I had to think of somewhere that they had likely not been before and that they would like. I remembered a hike I had done with the family that would be perfect. … Continue reading “Cub Scout Hike at Fort Bellefontaine – 6.18”

Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 2

The images below are the relevant pages of the pamphlet that originally drew our focus to Harrison, Arkansas. The quality is lower because this is the same copy that was on our trip. It was folded and flipped through numerous times. I’m impressed that it made it this long. Lost the images, but here are … Continue reading “Arkansas Motorcycle Trip Part 2”


I found some archive files from the old blog before I ported it over. 🙂 2009 1.1 – New Years Since the dreaded year 2000, we have spent New Years with Kelly and Jeff. We were not about to make this year any different. Sonora and Maggie have such a great time playing that it … Continue reading “2009”


1.1 – New years day fun We had a lot of fun taking pictures of Sonora and Maggie in their St. Louis Rams outfits. Very cute. Also just hanging out. 1.9 – Brian Climbs a tree Uncle Brian climbed the tree to get Corvin’s ball out of it. What a great guy! 1.9 – Outing … Continue reading “2007”