Bike With Your Boots On – 8.14.11

The River Des Peres watershed coalition held a series of events this year called “Bike With Your Boots On” (First Page). These events are designed to get the community involved and interested in water quality monitoring. The format is to start somewhere along a river/creek and bike a bit, then stop and monitor the water. We decided to have the whole family participate in this event.

The trip included 6 stops to sample the water. We sampled the Meramec river before the biking started. This was probably the last time the group was together, but I’ll get to that later. After sampling, the riding started. Since all four of us were together, Danelle and Corvin took off together. They had similar speed and energy. Sonora and I were significantly slower. I rode my unicycle for the trip and Sonora her bike with training wheels. Sonora was slightly faster than me, but stopped often, making it more even. I spent about half the time pushing my unicycle and my daughter.

This was a great event to teach about the watershed and get people out and in the community.