UDC Titan 32″ – 6/20/2019

After uni-cycling across the American southwest this summer, I decided that I wanted a new unicycle. I’ve been thinking about what I might get. My current inventory is

Sun 20″
Torker 24″
Unknown 24″
Custom 29″
Coker 36″

What I didn’t want to do is buy something that I already have (ignore the two 24″) I’ve been riding my 36″ Coker, but have trouble consistently mounting it. The reading I’ve done said that the new 32″  was the sweet spot. Easy to mount like a 29″, but more speed like a 36″.

I want to my favorite unicycle shopping place, Unicycle.com and found their selection. I’ve talked with them on the phone before and decided to trust the house brand. I ordered the UDC Titan 32″.

Once it was put together, Corvin and I went out that night to give it a try. It was surprisingly natural to mount. While it did feel different, it was very easy to adjust to. The large tire provided a lot of confidence with its grip!

The UDC Tital 32″ is now my go to unicycle for every ride!

Hogan Haak