Trailer Weld – 12/6/2020

I’ve had my 2020 RAV4 for less than a year and love it. I can’t say that it completely loves me back. I purchased a utility trailer to haul boats that would have gone on top of my van that no longer fit. The only problem with this plan is that one of the boats that I have is 19 feet long. On the trailer, it overhangs the back of my RAV4. When I go over large bumps, the boat on the trailer comes down and crashes on the top of the RAV4 causing damage. I realized this wasn’t a long term solution and needed to be fixed.  I had gone to a local welder a few weeks earlier for another job and figured I would give them another try.

For this job, I wanted the tongue on my trailer extended 5 feet to keep the boats from overhanging my vehicle and causing any additional damage. I took just the single bar in and they turned it around quickly. I like that once I explained what I wanted, the welder added a plate on each side of the extension for added support. I didn’t ask for this, they just did it to make it right and safe!

Shout out to Contractor’s Welding in Rock Hill, MO. (313 W Thornton Ave, Rock Hill, MO 63119)

No more boat hanging over the back of the vehicle to dent it.

The weld of the new metal with the existing and the plate for extra strength!

Hogan Haake