Tour De Donut – 7/9/2022

Corvin and I unicycled the Tour De Donut last year as our 47th state of our 48 state unicycle trip. Last year we did the 14 mile “donut hole” short version of the 34 mile race. This year, I started training to unicycle the whole 34 mile race. Unfortunately I didn’t meet my goal and had to change to the 12 mile “donut hole”. Corvin, Jackson, Zach and Stephan (Zach’s dad) were racing the 34 mile race.

Corvin, Zach, and Jackson getting ready to race.

Stephan coming to the start.

Per my experience last year, I needed to start at the very back. While it is a race, it tends to start a bit slow for everybody reacting to the starting gun. The crowd goes too slow to make balancing on a unicycle easy, so I wait and walk.

There at the back of the crowd was a group of 6 people from the CrossFit gym that I go to. They were shocked to see me with my unicycle about to do the same ride they were (or about 1/3 of it anyway).

The ride went off without a hitch. All of my training make it easy to ride out the 6 miles to the first checkpoint. There I consumed 4 donuts and chatted with several people before heading back. I’d be a liar if I said that I didn’t walk a few of the large hills.

Back at the finish line, I was there before before anybody I came with and hung out for a bit. Eventually, Corvin and Jackson came riding down and finished. Zach took a more leisurely ride getting into the finish. Zach and Stephan (his dad) took off for home early as the weather was only marginal. We all got rained on a bit during the ride.

Corvin, Jackson, and I stayed for the awards. Much to our surprise, Corvin and Jackson got 2nd and 3rd place in their age group.

We finally piled into the car and headed home. It was fun, but I might come back next year on a bicycle so I can finish the whole route.

Hogan Haake