Training on the Meramec – 5/2/2015

Danelle and I are participating in the South Dakota Kayak Challenge at the end of the month.Its a 72 mile race and this is our first real training run. The plan was that I would do the Mud Run in the morning, come home and get ready, then drop the kids off at Grandma’s house and paddle. I finished the Mud run and came home. We loaded up the boat and the kids and went out as planned.

Danelle and I got the boat on the river and set off downriver to the Meramec Marina for dinner and beer.

IMG_20150502_183532 IMG_20150502_180418 IMG_20150502_180652

It was very shallow to get in and out of the marina, but the beer and pizza were worth it. Once out, we started paddling harder to ensure we got some miles in.

In the end, we figured out what worked for us and knew that we could work together to accomplish the distance we need for our race. We got in 11.3 miles and I was completely beat after the day’s activities!

Hogan Haake