The Amazon Event – 1/14/2017

The day finally arrived, The Amazon Event! We were here to see the film “Peeled Faces on the Amazon” by West Hansen. JoJo masterminded the event getting West Hansen and Jeff Wueste to come up from Texas to present their expedition.

My part of the story started earlier in the evening, picking up Laura to go with us to the event. She took us to her favorite fancy ice cream place on Grand.

And then we were off to JoJo’s Funky Warehouse to prepare for the movie. There was great concern about the turnout as there was an ice storm the day before. We put too much work into this event to re-schedule and the city did a fantastic job getting the streets safe. So our first impression was of the temporary door.

Once inside, we started setting up the event with the rest of the volunteers.


And of course, we had to get the custom beer set up and chilled!

Once the party started, about 120 people showed up for the event!

And of course, West presenting his masterpiece!

And we may have drank a few beers and played games!

It was a fantastic venue for a film and was enjoyed by all!

Hogan Haake

Cleaning the Funky Warehouse – 12/29/2016

The date is getting closer to the Amazon Event and there is still lots to do. Danelle made it out with me today to work on the Funky Warehouse. JoJo set each of us up with different jobs so we were all working all over the warehouse. As we completed our work, Andy wanted to know if we could go check out the basement. Eventually, a group of us were down there. We found three large signs that said “The Shoe”, “WARE”, and “HOUSE”.  We started cheering from the basement. Eventually it was decided we would take the time to bring the signs up from the basement.

With a  little cleanup, the signs cleaned up nicely and needed to be displayed!

It was decided that they should be put up high and safe out of the way. So we took down the wave and put the signs up high!

It didn’t take long to bring all of our tasks together and hang out!

Our teamwork made the job much easier!

Hogan Haake

Steger Curtain- 2/25/2016

I decided to participate in the Avery Play this year (more to come about that in a later post). During rehearsals at the Steger 6th grade center in Webster Groves, we had issues with the stage curtain. They had been broken for several years. So when the curtains were closed, somebody had to stand center stage and hold them together. We finally had enough and investigated. It turns out that the material for the curtain that attaches to the open/close mechanism was ripped about 2 feet.


I volunteered my wonderful wife Danelle to come out and sew the curtain till it was fixed. A trip to the fabric store and a consultation had me returning with very strong thread and cloth to solve the issue. Then at practice, Danelle came up and started sewing it all back together. In about 2 hours, and one shattered needle, she had it back together and looking fantastic!


Hogan Haake