Sunset Race Scouting – 2/10/2021

I’ve been running a monthly paddling series that started in December 2008. We paddle every month year round. If you’re curious about our events, check us out. or (scroll to the last post)

Anyway, Danelle and I went out to the river the day before the Sunset Race due to the extreme cold to check out the river. We had several days of below freezing weather and I was concerned that the river would be frozen over and we would have limited to no paddling available. I have been known to break ice at the ramp to get a boat in the water during winter time. But it turns out that tomorrow would not be one of those days. Enjoy a few photos of the scouting trip. Many will not agree, but I find the winterscape peaceful and inviting for a nice paddle!

The above photo may look bad, but we’re actually looking at where Simpson Lake (Grand Glaze Creek) comes into the Meramec. There isn’t much flow which is why its freezing.

Not sure what I’m so excited about, but there I am!

Nothing beats quality time with Danelle.  The camera is shooting upstream, no ice!

I’m at the bottom of Greentree ramp, where the Sunset race will start. Ice free and ready for paddlers. But I wouldn’t recommend backing a car down 🙂

Again at the bottom of the ramp looking upstream, its ready for boats tomorrow!

Hogan Haake