Steger Curtain- 2/25/2016

I decided to participate in the Avery Play this year (more to come about that in a later post). During rehearsals at the Steger 6th grade center in Webster Groves, we had issues with the stage curtain. They had been broken for several years. So when the curtains were closed, somebody had to stand center stage and hold them together. We finally had enough and investigated. It turns out that the material for the curtain that attaches to the open/close mechanism was ripped about 2 feet.


I volunteered my wonderful wife Danelle to come out and sew the curtain till it was fixed. A trip to the fabric store and a consultation had me returning with very strong thread and cloth to solve the issue. Then at practice, Danelle came up and started sewing it all back together. In about 2 hours, and one shattered needle, she had it back together and looking fantastic!


Hogan Haake