Symphony In The Park – 9/21/2023

Forest Park Forever hosts an annual symphony in the park. This year, we made it a point to attend this free concert. The weather report showed that it might rain a bit, but would be a wonderful night for a concert. Sonora was worried about getting good seats, so we made it a point to get out early and get the seats she was looking for.I don’t think we were there for 10 minutes before a rain shower started and lasted about 10 minutes. We were able to get under a blanket to keep from getting soaked. And of course a rainbow followed showing us it would be alright.

Post rain shower, I also got a selfie of us hanging out as the crowds built.

Nothing like spending time in public before seeing something strange. The people in front us has friends showed up. Before long, they were doing yoga in front of us. We only hoped this madness would stop before the show started.

All along, I had been talking to Melissa who was also coming to the concert with her friend Stacy. To make this more interesting for Sonora, Stacy was one of her teachers. Its always interesting to realize that teachers are people outside of school. Melissa and Stacy found us. Online, Melissa was posting on Facebook about the event. It helped us connect. Meanwhile, her friend Meera was commenting and said something partially disparaging about me. See below.

Later, Meera did find us and go a selfie. She apologized for the remark as she didn’t know me. Funny how things work out. I was never offended by the comments, finding them all in good fun. Below is Meera, top middle.

Stacy hanging out after the rain.

Yeah, did I mention after the rain? Yep, it rained again even harder at the start of the performance. All 5 of us huddled under a blanket that Melissa had. Sonora and I were on the ends. Turns out that Sonora got less of the blanket and got more wet. It made the performance a bit hard to sit through to the end. And our favorite shot of the night comes from Melissa enjoying the performance. She’s a hilarious person to be around and I’m glad that she and Stacy came to sit with us during the concert.

Despite getting wet, it was a great performance and a good time to be out in the park!

Hogan Haake


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