Cardinals Game with Deck – 9/19/2023

The annual (or periodic) trip to the Cardinals game with co-workers was more enjoyable than usual for all of us. Hogan spent the entire game in the box having baby time. You can just see the back of his head above me, not watching the game live or on the TV. Sonora and I watched much of the game outside in the seats.

Partway through the game, Sonora noticed a little spider and squeaked! She knocked down its web and then felt guilty and worried that she’d hurt it, but is was back moments later on a different area of web. They became good friends watching the game together.

The Cardinals won the game. It was Wainwright’s 200th win and the last MLB game that he would ever pitch. After the game, most of the fans stayed and gave Waino a long standing ovation, celebrating his fantastic career of 18 years with the Cardinals.


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