Stream Team Cleanup – 1/30/2016

Our family (mostly Danelle) is involved in Missouri Stream Team. Danelle tends to act more on the organizational and science side of Stream Team. This means running meetings and performing monitoring. The other side of Stream Team is the cleanup side. There are a dedicated group of people that go out many weekends each year to remove trash to keep our streams and rivers clean. This is one of the few actual cleanups that we get to. Danelle and Sonora went out first while I went to Corvin’s soccer game. Later, Corvin and I went out and helped with the last half.


The photos above give a view into the amount of trash that comes out from cleanups. An amazing amount of tires are found at every cleanup, its quite sad. Thanks to the people doing the cleanups! We were honored to be part of your group on this Saturday!

Hogan Haake