State 19 – North Dakota


We finished Wyoming and started a long drive to North Dakota. This meant going north back to Montana and finishing the long drive across the rest of the state to North Dakota. Getting to the border to get the state sign was a relief. We’re always grateful for states that have their signs easily accessible by car on the side of the highway. Some have been on bridges or in the middle that makes access awkward and sometimes dangerous.

With the photo out of the way, we were off for a quick gas stop. Corvin took the time to enjoy being a bit goofy.

We were ready to go to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I’ve never been there before.I saw it on the map planning and it seemed interesting. Its nice to get more use out of our national parks pass. An interesting fact about this park, there is a south and north unit. We would only be visiting the south unit for this visit.

There is a 30 ish mile loop that goes around the south unit. Of course, there was a road block on part of the loop that would have made it a short drive. Therefore, we had to drive 3/4 of the way around the park to get to the section we wanted to ride. Along the way, we got to see some fantastic sights. Buffalo, gophers, and wild horses!

Having part of the road blocked off ended up being a blessing. Instead of people driving around a large loop to see the whole park, many people turned around earlier to save driving time. We had very little traffic on our ride. The gravel road we drove down to park, we may have been the only visitors all day!

Most of our photographic efforts were on video of our ride.

Its definitely a park I  would like to visit again and hike several of the trails.

Corvin’s Journal Entry

Our Strava entry.

Our map of completed states.

Total Trip Miles: 104.17
Total Moving Time: 20h 40m
Total Elevation Gained: 3382 feet
Total Hogan UPD: 10
Total Corvin UPD: 8

Hogan Haake