Southwest Summer Adventure – 6/10/2019

First off, Happy Birthday to me! Nothing like being with my family on my birthday to make it a great day! We started off the day driving to Arches National Park where Corvin and I did our unicycle thing. Of course, there was tons of scenery for us all to take in!

After we were all arched out, we started driving. We headed to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Danelle had booked a whitewater rafting trip for us the following day. We spent time walking the downtown and I picked a fancy BBQ place for dinner.

Along the walk, we saw a cute puppy and the kids wanted to take it home.

The sun was setting as we drove back to our hotel for the night. Oh how we all wanted to stay in this town forever. Look at the mountain with snow in the distance!

We picked up some Hostess cupcakes for my birthday and spent a fair amount of time in the pool and hot tub before calling it a fantastic night!

Note to self, we should come back here and spend multiple days just hanging out!

Hogan Haake