Southwest Summer Adventure – 5/31/2019

Today is the first day of our summer family vacation. I’m a bit nervous because we’re taking a 2 week vacation. I’m always a bit worried when I leave work for an extended period of time. Thinking if my job will be there when I get back, do they still need me. These thoughts all pass after a few days, but make the first day the hardest.

One of the other interesting things about this trip is that we’re kicking off 48 wheels. This is Corvin’s and my attempt to unicycle in all continental 48 states for 1 hour each state before he graduates high school. I’ve talked about big trips before, but this is where the rubber meets the road. Our vacation revolves around visiting 9 states to allow us to reach our uni-cycling goal.

Van is packed with two unicycles on the left.

Not long after I get home from work, we head out straight for Tulsa, Oklahoma. But first, one of our goals is to get a photo at each state sign as part of our documentation that we were there!

After the photo, we headed into Tulsa for sleeping as we had uni-cycling to complete the next morning.

Hogan Haake