Sonora’s 8th Birthday Party – 5/18/2014

Sonora had her 8th birthday party at CiCi’s Pizza. She had several of her friends there. Once all the girls were there, they started off each making their own pizza. The girls didn’t care much about making or eating the pizzas that they made, or maybe it is that I didn’t get any photos of it. However, they were excited about Sonora opening her presents!


So one of the hardest things for a birthday party is keeping the girls entertained for 2 hours. But Danelle did an amazing job of that with a girl themed project. The girls made duct tape purses. Don’t worry, it was themed duct tape!

Danelle carefully measured and cut each piece of tape and instructed a few girls at a time on how to put them together. At the end of the project, the girls each had their own purse, this was a huge hit!

The girls also played a ton of games in the game room, having a great talking and being together at the party. Another successful birthday!

Hogan Haake