Refinishing the Front Porch – 5/8/2014

After over 8 years of living at our house, the front porch was starting to see better days. In high traffic areas, the stain was wearing off. Some of our nearby friends had a porch redone and spent several thousand dollars. That was our motivation to get off our butts and spend a few hundred dollars and some time refinishing it.

It took 1 full day of work to get the old stain off with chemicals. Lots of manual scrubbing, but you can see that the wood is back to its original form.

The second day was spent painting on the new protective coating. We went with deck paint in hopes that it would last longer. It took nearly 4 gallons to cover it all and lots of time for all the railing, but it was worth it.

Before I forget, we used Home Depot Behr Premium Deck Over and the associated products with it for this project.

And the look of the final product nearly 4 months later

So far, we have been extremely satisfied. The project cost us approximately $400 and one whole weekend to complete, but it was worth the effort!

Hogan Haake