Avery Spotlight Singers At the St. Louis Cardinals – 5/21/2014

Avery Elementary, the grade school my kids go to has a program called Spotlight Singers. Its for 4th and 5th grade students. They practice throughout the year and then perform a few times. The big bonus of this program is getting to sing before the start of a Saint Louis Cardinals game. Here are the kids meeting up just inside the stadium before walking down the deep passages onto the field.

Sonora was quite excited to watch them walk out on the field!

This game went into overtime (I’m told its extra innings) and many people didn’t stay. It was getting to be rather late and not everybody can stay up that late!

We finally gave up and started walking out some time after 11 pm. We heard cheering and went back to the stands behind home plate to see the last inning and the Cardinals win. A fantastic night with the kids and their friends!

Hogan Haake