Junior Navigators Campout – 5/10/2014

We participated in the Avery Junior Navigators camp out. The kids were excited to spend a weekend with all of their friends. As always, we hauled the trusty pop up camper out and set up inside the group camping area. A bit away from the crowd, it was nice with less noise and traffic of kids trying to go inside and play. We camped at Hawn State park. Once we were set up, we set about to socialize with the others there.

We cooked as a group for every meal. After cooking and eating, the kids took turns doing the dishes for the whole group. To everyone’s delight, I made a double batch of cobbler in my dutch ovens for everybody to partake of.

On Saturday, we had a group hike planned. We went to hike Pickle Spring, slightly out of Hawn. I had not done that hike before. The view was amazing, with the kids enjoying the views.

Part of the car pool to the hike.

Getting instructions before the hike.

Hanging out in a pseudo cave along the hike.

Sonora and her friends.

Group shot of the kids.

After the group activity, we came back to the campsite and just let the kids play. Many of them went down to the playground to hang out while others went around in groups playing games. The adults took the time to relax!

Corvin enjoyed some time in the creek.

Towards the end, I worked my way over to the fire and had my way with it…

Hogan Haake