Piers at Waterfall – 9/3/2016

We’ve decided to put up a picnic type shelter at Waterfall. We figure we’re more likely to go out and visit if we have a home base out there that is ready and waiting for us to use. The first step of this process is to go out and lay the foundation. The plan is to place 6 concrete piers in the ground to hold posts for the shelter.

Danelle and I started off in the morning with a visit to Home Depot to pick up a large auger to help make the job easier. I looked at a goofy tool when we pulled up and laughed cause I couldn’t figure out what it was for. Little did I know we would end up renting it. Its a large tow behind auger that is easier and larger to operate. Any large power tool is good in my book!

img_20160903_094458 img_20160903_102915

We also purchased the rest of the supplies like concrete and tubes while we were there. Now we set out to do some digging. What took the longest for this project was Danelle constantly measuring and leveling. While I appreciate this, it was frustrating for a guy that just wanted to play with the large power tool!

It didn’t take long and we were digging and sweating with more than we bargained for. We arrived at Waterfall around 11am and left around 5pm. A few breaks were taken, but we mostly worked. I’ll let the photos speak for the rest.

The whole family got into the auger.
Girl Power
Sometimes the rocks had to be broken up the hard way. This was not fun or easy!
Boy do I look fresh in this photo!
Did I mention the holes were deep?

img_20160903_123212 img_20160903_123237 img_20160903_123316 img_20160903_123554

Once the holes were dug, we had a huge sigh of relief. The concrete was going to be easy. I brought our generator along with the power drill and a long paddle to mix the concrete with. Unfortunately the drill burned out not even partway through mixing the first batch and it was hand mixing all of the concrete!

img_20160903_171119 img_20160903_170908 img_20160903_170920 img_20160903_170903

Eventually we were all done. Due to the wet concrete, we got creative to ensure that none of the hardware would sink down.

img_20160903_173250 img_20160903_173253

The best part about this project was being done and going home after a hard day’s work!

Hogan Haake