Paddle and Unicycle Training – 6/19/2022

The girls had another paddle scheduled to train for the MR340. We arranged to pick up Denise and shuttle her. This was a bonus to help out a friend and some safety for Danelle and Sonora. Having other people on the water is great for safety. After meeting at Blanchette Landing, the take out, we packed up Denise’s boat and headed out to New Haven, Missouri.

Of course the paddling community is great and we made friends (sorry I don’t remember your names) at the ramp. Two other paddlers doing the same paddle at the same time.

With the paddlers in the water, I talked to the other driver about the race for a bit. Then I headed off to the Dutzow Katy Trail trailhead. I wanted to get more distance training in on my new Nimbus Nightfox.

I got situated quickly and the ride for me was fantastic. 12.5 miles out and back going west from the trailhead. I stopped a few times to adjust the unicycle, but now its feeling awesome!

My ride was just the right length as I still had time to get back to Blanchette landing with plenty of time to spare before the girls finished their paddle. What a great day of training together.

Hogan Haake