START – 6/24/2022

Corvin is attending the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse this fall. He’ll be a freshman in college. We’re nervous about this change as we’ve never had a child go off to college. Add to that that you never really want to let your kiddos go!

Today was the day that Corvin was going to LaCrosse for START (STudent Advising, Registration, and Transition). Here, he would get registered for classes and get one last look at campus before he came to start for school. His START was on Friday. Sonora had work, so Danelle, Corvin, and I went up to LaCrosse. We started driving on Thursday night around 6pm for the 7.5 hour drive. With stops, we arrived at LaCrosse at 1:30am on Friday. With a short stint of sleep at a hotel, we were off to the university.

Corvin didn’t waste any time making new friends!

By the time the first session was finished, I was about to fall asleep in my chair. I left Danelle and Corvin to view the second session and I went out to the car to nap for another hour.

Refreshed, we met again after the second session to review how things went.

After lots of additional meetings and a quick review of the dorm rooms, it was finished. Our questions were answered and we were ready to go home. We finished and wanted to get back home. Around 4 pm, we struck out for home. Before I knew it, we were back in St. Louis at 11:59pm Friday night. About 30 hours away from home with 15 of them driving was quit a bit.

I know we’re going to miss Corvin a ton and it won’t be convenient to visit him.

Hogan Haake