Father’s Day – 6/18/2023

This was going to be dad’s first father’s day as a widower. Added to that, he was going in for open heart surgery the following Monday. The last thing we wanted was for dad to be alone. So the Saturday before, Danelle and drove to Kansas City to be with dad. We did stop at Les Bourgeois Winery just over halfway to have a dinner together overlooking the Missouri River. We were celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary.

We spent the night at dad’s house. Everything seemed fairly normal, dad and the dog sleeping in the middle of the day.

By dinner time on Sunday, we had a crowd.  Hiatt, Sean, and Michaela, plus Hannah were there to have dinner outside.

It was important to spend time with dad and make sure he wasn’t alone. Plus, he really is fun to hang out with!

Hogan Haake