Buegs at S-F – 7/6/2023

Steve called me and asked if I could take him down to S-F scout camp on family day. I’m a sucker for helping out my friends and was interested as well. The day came and Steve said that we could get there no earlier than 6:30pm. So I picked him up early and off we went. A stop at A&W for dinner and root beer was the first order of business.  Next we decided to visit Cinco de Mayo Campground where my friend JoJo operates. I took a chance she would be there and we showed up.

We parked next to her open van and looked around for her. When we didn’t see her, I called her on my cell. She answered and I could see her walking towards me. I said, “Your van door is open”. I could see her confusion as she continued to walk my way. It took her a minute before she realized I was standing in front of her. We had a nice time seeing the upgrades she has made since my last visit.

Eventually we said goodbye and we had just a little more time to kill. So we went to a nearby fire tower to climb. It had a fantastic view of the area around.

Steve and I hanging out at the top.

Eventually it was time to get to scout camp. S-F isn’t far from the tower. As we pulled into the camp, I noticed it was strange there were no other cars around. We received a call from Jackie asking where we were. Turns out we were supposed to be there by 6:30. We were only about 15 minutes late.

When we got to camp, we found Nathan and he was completely surprised to see his dad there and then more surprised to see me. We had a wonderful time walking around the campsite and visiting with other parents and scouts.

Eventually, it was time for the ceremony. Steve and I went off to the spectator area to watch.

Nathan was chosen to join Order Of The Arrow that evening as well. We had a pleasant drive back and I was home by 11:30pm. I’m glad that Steve invited me to join him!

Hogan Haake