Mussel Sampling – 8/12/2023

Danelle is on year 3 of a 10 year freshwater mussel sampling project. And for the record Danelle from 2 years ago, I did come back. This year is the first time she is re-visiting a site that has already been sampled. The first site we visited is at the Allerton, IL retreat center. There are lots of amazing sculptures in this area worth checking out.

Okay, maybe that one is really weird, but its fun to come across this stuff in the middle of the woods. I was more prepared this trip for what was required, and also took many photos and videos.

Taking photos with Hannah is funny!

The bank was steep and the rope made it much easier to get into the river.

The sampling went well and Danelle was really excited for the results. There was something like a 15% re-capture rate from the samples captured 2 years previously. This is some fantastic data she will use to better understand the mussels.

Hogan Haake