Motorcycle Parts – 3/21/2018

My new V-Strom is awesome, but like all motorcycles, it needs to be customized to be mine! So I got engine guards, a skid plate, and highway pegs from Happy-Trail. These may not sound that special to you, but they each have a valid use.

With the family still on spring break, I was able to unload in the living room and check it all out…

Engine Guards protect the bike from falling down. If you ride in the dirt, you’ll fall like I did on my first adventure ride… They stick out a bit, but that is just to give lots of protection.

The skid plate protects the oil filter and exhaust pipe from breaking if I hit a rock or one is kicked up from my tire. Attached to the skid plate are the highway pegs. The pegs vibrate a TON and are really. I would be disappointed in the purchase, but they were only $25. Its nice to have an extra place to put your feet on a long ride, even if its only for a few minutes while they start to go numb.

Not to steal future me’s thunder, but the engine guards do good if you lay the bike over…

Hogan Haake