Hannah Visits – 3/16/2023

My sister Hannah came if for the last part of her spring break. We’re always happy to have her visit us and treat her well so she’ll come back as often as she wants. I also cause a bit of trouble when she is here to entertain her.

We went to the grocery store and decided to get donuts while we were there. I went to get a box for a dozen donuts and noticed an issue. Look closely at the image below and you’ll see it clearly states “Dozen Boxes” and there are 12 boxes in the slot. If I took a box to get donuts, the sign would be wrong. I made a big deal about this making Hannah laugh a bunch.

In an effort to be more silly, I found a Schnucks employee and asked if they could re-label it to say “Eleven Boxes” or put a replacement box in its place. Here is Hannah’s look as I made that request.

And if you ask nicely, you’ll find somebody to add the 1 missing box so the store’s sign isn’t a liar 🙂

All turned out well and we got a good laugh out of my silliness.

We had Hannah read a silly book during her visit. It was written by a friend and it was not good, so I won’t say what book it is, but we laughed at all of the issues in the book.

And of course a dinner selfie with all of us!

Come visit any time Hannah!

Hogan Haake