Meramec at 141 – 7/18/2012

I paddle the Meramec river almost every month. Almost every month, I go through the section where the Meramec river goes under the highway 141 bridge. There is a riffle there when the water is up caused by some rocks that are there in the river. This is a dangerous section of the river if you’re not carefull. Many boats (3 dudes in a canoe) have capsized here and some have had serious damage.

This summer has been extremely hot and arid. Because of that the Meramec is very low. I was able to walk out to some of the larger rocks and photograph their position and what they look like out of the water. After seeing them in person, they should be avoided at all costs. They are not just rocks, but concrete with metal attached that could easily sink a canoe or kayak! Below is the proof. I hope it encourages all boaters to exercise caution when going through this section of the river.

Looking downriver at the 141 bridge and the rocks.

Concrete with metal attached waiting to eat boats!