Lost Creek Road Cleanup – 10/24/2020

West of St. Louis near Warrenton Missouri is a road called Lost Creek Road . See the dot from the Google Map.

Its a mostly gravel road that follows Lost Creek. I’ve motorcycled on it a few times and found it exciting and semi-remote for as close as it to the city. While browsing online, I came across an event from the Lost Creek Facebook Page. They were hosting a stream team cleanup along the road. Danelle was talking about wanting to see the leaves changing color and I figured this was our chance. We headed out around 7am for an 8:30am target start.

Typical of me not wanting to be late, we were the first ones there. We chatted with the organizers. It was very cold out, but we figured we could deal for a few hours. It turns out the cleanup was mostly going to be car based. Drive down the road (which I wanted to do anyway), and pick up garbage. With bags in hand, we headed out to clean up and enjoy the wonderful scenery!

There were 2 water crossings that I remember. This one had loose rocks,easy in a car, but more challenging on a motorcycle.

I like this type of scenery when riding.

Caught taking a photograph.

The creek carved out a small bridge in the rock. This was very amazing to walk out to!

Its only fair that I caught Danelle taking photos while I stayed warm.

While we didn’t get too much trash, we didn’t just look at the scenery.

Cool barn with the trees turning in the background.

It felt great to participate in this cleanup. I got to improve a resource I value and help out a community near me. Danelle and I had a nice scenic drive back to St. Louis after cleaning up.

Hogan Haake