High Five Mirror – 10/23/2020

Corvin was at a friend’s house and was getting ready to come home when I got a concerned call from him. Somebody had done a hit and run on the car. When I got to the car (he was only 5 minutes away driving), I saw the damage. I called the local police to make a report. Corvin took my car and headed home to get ready for practice while I handled the rest of the incident.

I’m pleased to say the officer I talked was professional and I appreciated their work. It was pretty clear to both of us nothing would come of this. Just the same, I wanted to report it so the police were aware of the incident. Rather than be upset, I was glad that I could afford to pay for this to be fixed and put it behind us.

I hope that nobody was hurt (none that I’m aware of).

Hogan Haake