Kruger Cruiser Goes Pale

I purchased a used Kruger Cruiser (built in 1997). I was very excited to get the boat and didn’t really look it over before paying for it and taking it home. I actually had a touch of buyers remorse as the boat wasn’t in great shape and it was rather expensive.

After racing the boat down the Missouri River in the 2014 MR340, I loved the boat, but still wanted to get it updated. Jo had been working on a local resource that might be able to perform the work, but they fell through. On a whim, I decided to contact Ryan Slebos in Kansas City and see if he was interested in working on the boat. Ryan was not only willing, but had some time to perform the work. I had seen some examples of his work on the RiverMiles forum and was excited to have him work on the boat.

Jo was able to contact him and get him to agree to work on her boat as well, as I had room to transport both of them to KC. Here are some before pictures of my Kruger Cruiser.

IMG_20150221_150929 IMG_20150221_150940 IMG_20150221_150947 IMG_20150221_150955 IMG_20150221_151034 IMG_20150221_151151

I got the call from Ryan that the boats were ready, and I was quite excited to pick them up! I was quite impressed with his work! I was so excited to paddle my new pretty boat, that I hardly stopped to photograph the results!



More photos of the finished work to come.

Hogan Haake