Kids To The City Museum – 12/30/2022

The kids (Sonora, Coty, and Eva) and I went to the City Museum today while Hogan worked. We met with Drew (Sonora’s boyfriend), his parents, and several of the kids’ friends for a total of 12-15 people in our group. Many in the group have passes to get in and were able to get the rest of us in, too.

We started off exploring the area around the whale. I kept up with the kids for the most part, but there were a few of the tighter spaces that I avoided.

At one point, about eight of us ended up hanging out in a little nook along the outer wall of the building. Between the activity and the crowd of people, we were warm, but this nook was poorly insulated and had a cool draft that felt wonderful.

There were several new additions since I was last at the City Museum – or they were places I just hadn’t seen before. One of these is an area where they have ‘doctor fish’ (or similar fish) in a tank so you can put your hand in and be tickled as they nibble away dead skin.

When we were ready to eat, the whole gang of us trooped out to Drew’s family’s van – there was just enough room for everyone. They had wisely stocked up on bagels, grapes, and other goodies and were kind enough to share with everyone.

The group of us then went back in and climbed several flights of stairs so we could ride down the 10-story spiral slide. There was a bit of a wait, but the experience is worth it. While I won’t say I exactly enjoyed it (not exactly made for tall folks), it’s the kind of experience that you should take advantage of if you get the chance!

By about two o’clock, Coty and Eva (and I, honestly) had taken in as much as they wanted for the day, so the three of us headed home. Sonora, Drew, and friends stayed for several more hours, swinging, hiding, climbing, and having a blast.